Additional Services

Contract Packing

Alloga UK clients benefit from a contract-packing facility, in the same location as our logistics service. This reduces both costs and transit times. At Alloga UK, we saw the opportunity to assist our clients by combining a logistics and contract-packing solution. Holding Manufacturer's (Assembly) Licences (MIA and ManA), all within an MHRA-approved, GDP-compliant storage and distribution facility, means Alloga UK can provide comprehensive capabilities for the following market segments:

    Market Experience…
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Veterinary Healthcare
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Kits
  • OTC
  • Consumer goods
  • Retail
    Pharma GMP…
  • Rectification and rework of original packaging
  • Leaflet inserts and over-labelling
  • Pack to order - supporting postponement and individual market strategies
  • Rework of 2-8°c chilled or ambient products
  • Quality-managed technical services
  • Sourcing of printed packaging components and barcodes
  • Offline and inline printing capability
  • Kitting of medical surgical products
  • Theatre kits
  • Ambulance kits
  • Orthopaedic and training kits
  • Reverse logistics
  • Customisation of medical kits
  • A variety of technical services
  • Patient kits
    Retail FMCG…
  • Late stage customisation for retail
  • Preparation of gift packs
  • Customer-specific packing configurations
  • Rectification and rework of original packaging
  • Shelf-ready packaging
  • Pack to order - supporting postponement and individual market strategies

Our in-house specialist team, and dedicated production facilities, means our clients have added agility and flexibility when considering their UK-spec goods, and we're helping to control client costs and reduce carbon footprints too.

At Alloga UK, our contract-packing department has grown extensively over recent years with continual investment and expansion to meet our client's ever-growing demands. With contract-packing staff levels doubling over the past year, it is clear combining logistics and packing solutions within one location are an enormous advantage to our clients.

“The Alloga UK Repack Team performed an excellent job repacking Bayer products. They are very quick to respond to our requirements and work proactively with us in order to meet our changing customer needs.”

Shelagh Medley
Bayer Commercial Operations Management

Alloga UK's point of sale (PoS) fulfilment

Alloga UK supports client marketing strategies by storing their marketing material and equipment to the same high quality standards and controls that a product would receive. We're then able to distribute marketing material flexibly to sales reps, and events across the country.

Client’s sales teams have access to all the latest collateral and product samples to support their objectives and, back at head office, your allocated administrators are able to control and review every aspect of their marketing material through the Alloga UK POS Portal, via your smartphone or tablet.

They are able to manage each catalogue portfolio, item quotas, team orders, and keep the whole team fully informed. Alloga UK's POS service gives clients the control to maintain a fully up-to-date marketing portfolio, using an item recall option and communication capabilities through our Portal.

Our POS Portal can be tailored to reflect client brand colours and logos so that when the sales team order promotional material it has the look and feel of the client's organisation.

The POS Business Administrator module allows the client to set controls on order frequency, minimum and maximum order quantities and can add or delete new items quickly. Field representatives are then able to review all their previous orders and track previous orders against their quota restrictions.

The system can be used to send supplies to customer addresses, if required, and the client can ascribe prices to each item so that the sales person can see the value of their order.

    PoS fulfilment assists with
  • Campaigns
  • Projects
  • Product launches
  • Exhibitions
  • Meetings
  • Marketing events
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Offers and promotions
    Benefits of Alloga UK's service
  • Maintain a fully up-to-date PoS portfolio
  • Recall capability of materials with returns tracked through the Partner Portal
  • Messaging platform between users with message acknowledgements
  • Full control of marketing material and sales team orders and usage
  • Exceptional PoS material distribution convenience and efficiency
  • Reps are able to order through smartphones and tablets

Sample order fulfilment

Alloga UK created the Alloga Sample App (SA) with an aim of providing reps with a simplified method of taking orders, ensuring that the right data is quickly captured from the healthcare professional (HCP). The app supports sample traceability, including cost controls and volume limits per reps and site, also increasing the speed of order fulfilment.

Within this app, clients can track existing orders and also create new ones. Each rep is prompted about their remaining quota allowance when creating a new order so they can track their sample spend. Reps can only order samples to recognised institutions, by either searching institution name or ID, post code or location address.

The rep then adds each item and quantity to their sample order for that institution. Clients are able to set variable quotas per product, per rep, controlling their ordering per institution. Once the order is made, the rep will then be re-informed of the value of their order and their remaining monthly quota allowance.

Finally, the HCP must provide his ⁄ her signature onto the hand held device, and this is then collected by the sample app and the order authorised. This signature confirms the HCP has requested the ordered samples for patient initiation⁄ education purposes within their hospital or practice and understand that the samples cannot be sold or otherwise misused.


API logistics services

Alloga UK have a licence to store active substances from the MHRA. This means that, as well as handling our clients finished pharmaceutical products, we can also store and distribute bulk APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). Often APIs are larger quantities of active ingredients compared to finished goods, and in some instances can be potentially hazardous. Therefore, APIs are stored in a segregated area of our Amber Park 5 warehouse, in a 15 - 25°C ambient-controlled environment with humidity monitoring.

As well as storing the APIs, we’re also able to distribute them to locations where our clients require, whether that is a manufacturing site, research laboratory or a downstream customer. Alloga UK are able to handle the orders and distribution of APIs as we would an order of a finished pharmaceutical product.

Our new licence allows us to provide exactly the same services as we would for your finished products, as the correct operating procedures have been created, and our staff have been trained, to handle APIs in the manner that is expected by the MHRA and our clients.

Global freight management

Alloga UK is working closely with global freight partners to provide integrated supply chain services from our UK facilities. Our global freight services allow our clients to reduce the management burden and supply chain complexity of global freight, by enabling one supplier relationship from the finished manufactured product to global distribution. With our quality-focused processes, clients can ensure they remain fully GDP-compliant, with measurable temperature-controlled distribution solutions and full online traceability of stock.

With one contract and one technical agreement, clients can pass on their whole global supply chain requirements to Alloga UK, with clear and effective defined standard operating procedures, and feel reassured that we are managing their global network effectively. We tailor our service to your needs, whether your company is large or small, new or established – we’re on hand whenever you need us to help solve even the most demanding freight issues.

Global freight services:

  • Inbound and outbound freight
  • Air, sea and European road freight
  • Experience of healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • GDP-compliant quality systems and supplier management
  • Temperature-controlled solutions
  • Less-than-truckload consolidation through GDP-compliant sites
  • Customs clearance service

Clinical trial logistics services

Alloga UK has developed a service to support clinical trial projects. We understand the underlying importance of handling clinical trials, with the correct steps to ensure the product has been maintained to the exact conditions and make certain any findings from the trial aren’t skewed by a poor quality service. At Alloga UK, we have both the infrastructure and the clearly defined processes to support clinical trials, with regimented temperature controls and full traceability from source to patient.

As well as being able to store and distribute the trial product, Alloga UK can support the sourcing of comparator medicines, and re-package them appropriately with code references ready for the recruited patients. Every test is done in a way that guarantees patients have all the necessary information to support the taking of the medicine, without them being aware what test product they’ve been provided. We’re regularly delivering into hospitals, pharmacies, and research centres and are also able to reach patients in their homes via our partnerships.

Across Walgreens Boots Alliance, we can provide a service which ensures safe product handling with a quality-controlled delivery solution.

  • Comparator sourcing and logistics
  • Storage and distribution of clinical trial medicines
  • Temperature controls
  • Traceability
  • Secondary labelling and repackaging
  • Patient delivery
  • Next day delivery into hospitals in temperature through 12 regional depots