Alloga UK's Partner Portal

's Partner Portal is a cloud-based solution for all clients' data needs. Whether it's stock levels for business analysis, order creation, shipped order reports, or tracking information - all data is there to access whenever needed.

“One of the key factors in deciding to move was [Alloga UK]'s superior systems which will enable the Customer Service team to track deliveries from the minute they are received at [Alloga UK] through to delivery at the customer's premises, at which stage an electronic proof of delivery is generated.”

BHC Product Supply Manager


Partner Portal consolidates all client data in near real-time to provide comprehensive access to all information a client might need. As all of their information is in the Alloga UK cloud, clients have access no matter where or when they need it, as long as they have an internet connection.

Partner Portal enables clients to set up safety stock limits, which helps clients to prevent stock levels dropping below set limits, as well as stock level notifications to keep the client informed of when they may need to resupply.

New Features

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View tracking data for orders, including proof of delivery (PoD)

Previously tracking data was available through our Track and Trace system. Now our new Partner Portal provides tracking data through one system, with no fuss - simply filter shipped orders to access proof of delivery for a certain period or customer.

Prefer electronic copies of despatch notes? Need access to a despatch note that isn't to hand? Alloga UK's Partner Portal stores despatch notes so clients don't have to. The filtering system in Partner Portal allows data to be refined by a specific date range, automatically searching for archived data if necessary, allowing for quicker access to any required information. PDF format despatch notes enable clients to share despatch notes easily and quickly.

Another of the unique features of Partner Portal is the ability to create customised reports and screens (known as workspaces). Global filters can be applied to these views to create a workspace containing lines of a certain product, stock levels for that product, and much more.

Free webinars for clients

Alloga UK provides ongoing Partner Portal support with all clients. With this in mind, we run online webinars, with targeted training to ensure that users are making the most out of the system.

No interfaces needed, create orders via our Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is able to process orders directly into our warehouse management system. This allows users to create complex orders, without the requirement for developing extensive interfaces. This system includes a full audit trail and tracking system so clients can see who created the order and where it is going.